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Online Workshop on ‘Internet of Drone Things’

What’s the most fast-paced area of development in Information Technology? Experts have predicted that the extensive use of the Internet of Things (IoT)....[ Read More ]

19 April, 2021

Disaster Managment

To gain an insight into the natural hazards and prepare ourdelves, the Department of Management and Commerce arranged a workshop....[ Read More ]

13 April, 2021

Online Workshop to Celebrate World Optometry Day

In honour of all the optometrists and vision care workers who are devoted to maintaining a healthy India....[ Read More ]

10 April, 2021

Virtual Industry Visit

To help students prepare for the job market and understand the market scenario a virtual industry visit was organized....[ Read More ]

2 April, 2021

Workshop on the topic 'Process Design and Development - prototyping'

A good design can help launch the product of your dreams.To help students perfect their product design....[ Read More ]

31 March, 2021

Online Workshop on Intellectual Property Rights

To inform the students about the different ways to protect intellectual property rights the Incubation center of Brainware University held a workshop....[ Read More ]

30 March, 2021

Indian Women: A Journey From the Past to Present

Women hold up half the sky. The struggle of Indian women in the past has shaped our modern society in ways that often go unacknowledged...[ Read More ]

29 March, 2021

Workshop on How to Communicate Strategically in Corporate World

In the corporate world, every impression counts. Communication plays an active role in the success of a company as well as in one’s life....[ Read More ]

24 March, 2021

A motivational speech on the ‘Significance of IPR in Research and Innovation’

In this fast pacing world of changing ideologies it is very important to stay in touch with new developments...[ Read More ]

20 March, 2021

A Workshop on Intellectual Property Rights

Have a startup idea that will change the world? Learn how to protect your Intellectual Property Rights...[ Read More ]

20 March, 2021

Workshop on Social Entrepreneurship

To make young professionals aware of the social problems of entrepreneurial ventures and to teach them the way to tackle it...[ Read More ]

17 March, 2021

Workshop on Application of Web GIS

An online workshop on Application of Web GIS was organised by the Department of Computer Science & Engineering...[ Read More ]

13 March, 2021

One-day online workshop on Leadership Career in Cyber Security

Career opportunities in cyber security are at an all-time high. To make a mark in the industry, students must know...[ Read More ]

13 March, 2021

“Azadi Ka Amrut Mahotsav” Celebration

India’s freedom has been hard won. Years of struggle and perseverance on the part of our ancestors have led to the establishment...[ Read More ]

12 March, 2021

A Virtual Workshop on Email Etiquette

What sets a candidate apart from the others in a highly competitive job-market? The Future Job Reports published by the World...[ Read More ]

09 March, 2021

Workshop on ISO 27032: Cyber-security Management System Standardization in Current Digital Transformation Era

What is the relevance of cyber-security in online business systems? The pandemic has forced...[ Read More ]

06 March, 2021

A workshop on Top-Paying Digital Careers

A one-day online workshop on Top-Paying Digital Careers was organized by the department of Cyber Science and Technology...[ Read More ]

04 March, 2021

One-day Workshop on Identifying Vulnerabilities with Ethical Hacking

To have an edge over the others in cyber security, the Department of Cyber Science and Technology organized...[ Read More ]

03 March, 2021

Brainware University celebrates Saraswati Puja

On February 16, the Brainware family came together to worship Saraswati, the Goddess of learning...[ Read More ]

16 February, 2021

Workshop on Nuts and Bolts of Data Science and Modelling

A workshop on Nuts and Bolts of Data Science and Modelling was organised by the Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering...[ Read More ]

12 February, 2021


To teach the students how to monitor networking systems and mitigate threats, the Department of Cyber Science & Technology organized a workshop on Cyber Security...[ Read More ]

10 February, 2021

Cancer Awareness and its Prevention

To spread awareness and aid in early diagnosis of cancer among our stakeholders, the Department of Allied Health Sciences conducted a workshop on Cancer Awareness and its Prevention...[ Read More ]

4 February, 2021

3-Day Workshop on HTML, CSS and Javascript

The Department of Computer Science & Engineering, Brainware University, collaborated with Ardent Computech Pvt. Ltd to organise a three-day workshop on HTML, CSS and Javascript...[ Read More ]

2 February, 2021

Republic Day Lecture on The Lesser Known Sides of a Rural Humanity

The diversity of India is one of its greatest strengths. To celebrate the 72nd Republic Day of India by spreading awareness ...[ Read More ]

30 January, 2021

The Trace Amount Detection of Biologically Important Ions for Sustainable Development

In order to focus on the optimization of the detection limits for light elements and ions and their use in industries...[ Read More ]

27 January, 2021

Online Workshop on Writing to Connect

What are the strategies that make writing effective ? Is effective writing a gift or a skill?...[ Read More ]

21 January, 2021

Webinar on Operation and Maintenance of Hydel Power Station vis-à-vis electromechanical equipment

The increasing number of irregularities in the power system has been largely...[ Read More ]

20 January, 2021

The Proof of Concept Challenge

The Tech Club of Brainware University in association with Institution’s Innovation Council(IIC)...[ Read More ]

18 January, 2021

Workshop on Public Interest Litigation : Reflection on Human Rights Jurisprudence

Public Interest Litigations are important provisions for providing legal aid...[ Read More ]

18 January, 2021

Workshop on Centenary Celebration of Satyajit Ray

On January 16, 2020 The Central Library of Brainware University and Brainware Group of Institutions...[ Read More ]

16 January, 2021

Workshop on Cybercrime in India and Globalized World: Issues and Challenges

In the light of such facts, it is clear that cybercrime is a major security concern...[ Read More ]

2 January, 2021

Workshop on Orientation Session on National Innovation and Startup Policy (NISP)

Universities have become major springboards for startup launches and innovation...[ Read More ]

31 December, 2020

Workshop on Scientific and Technical writing-Focus on Innovation

Innovation is not only the need of the hour but also the pivot around which our world...[ Read More ]

29 December, 2020

Workshop on Entrepreneurship Development Phases

To help the budding business graduates understand the phases of entrepreneurship development...[ Read More ]

24 December, 2020

Workshop on Orientation Session on National Education Policy (NEP)

India’s first Education Policy was passed and implemented in 1986...[ Read More ]

22 December, 2020

Basics of Probability Theory

Probability is the building block of most revolutionary technologies.From Machine Learning to Artificial Intelligence...[ Read More ]

21 December, 2020

Workshop on English Made Easy: Improving Language Skills

English language skills broaden the horizons of students by giving them access...[ Read More ]

21 December, 2020

Webinar on Intellectual Property component at the early stage of innovation

IPR (Intellectual Property Rights) and innovation have entered into the common parlance in the age of startups...[ Read More ]

19 December, 2020

Workshop on E-waste management:scenario, challenges and opportunities

Faster upgradation of electronic products is forcing consumers to discard old electronic products very quickly...[ Read More ]

17 December, 2020

The Best Practice to Get Rid of Network Security Attacks

Cyber security is a growing market in the IT field. To make the students aware of the different network security...[ Read More ]

16 December, 2020

One-day workshop on “Cyber Security & Ethical Hacking”

Few skills have captivated the younger generation in this decade like Ethical Hacking. With its ever rising popularity and its acceptance...[ Read More ]

15 December, 2020

Workshop on digital transformation journey

Digital transformation as the integration of digital technology into all areas of a business resulting in fundamental changes...[ Read More ]

15 December, 2020

One day webinar on “Pick the Best: CYBERSECURITY vs ML vs AI as career prospects”

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are now an integral part of cybersecurity...[ Read More ]

12 December, 2020

Workshop on ‘Proceedings in Magistrate Court: hierarchy, trial and bail’

To provide a deep insight into the functioning of the legal systems...[ Read More ]

12 December, 2020

Workshop on ‘Migraine the changing landscape’

According to a NHS survey, migraine affects roughly 1 in 5 women and 1 in 15 men.It is therefore a health problem that is fairly...[ Read More ]

12 December, 2020

Library Workshop on ‘Do Librarians need to be SMART’

In the digital age when e-book sales are on the rise and piracy has become commonplace how should libraries cope...[ Read More ]

10 December, 2020

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