BWU students take the initiative to spread education among underprivileged children on International Literacy Day


The Communication Club of the Department of English in collaboration with the Department of Media Science and Journalism organised an outreach programme on the occasion of 'International Literacy Day' on 8th September. The students and the faculty members visited an NGO, Mahajibon which is based out of Paikpara. A literacy camp was organised by the students of the university to spread awareness about the importance of literacy.

The students spent the day interacting with the underprivileged children and their parents there. The Brainware University students also conducted some interactive learning sessions with the children and their parents.

Subhasish Baral who has been running this NGO since 2012, while interacting with the students said, "We are working with the underprivileged children to provide them education and other facilities. All the NGOs are working for the betterment of society but our volunteers are too dedicated to their pursuit."

Towards the end of the event, food and stationery packets were distributed among the children. The parents of these children thought that there is no way without education and so they sent their children in this NGO, to make them literate.

The visit to Mohajibon was a lifetime experience for the university students. They returned with the greatest gifts of their lives - the smiling faces of the children at the NGO and the satisfaction of doing something for society.