Motivational Session by Successful Innovators


Career Talk

To get a better way of life by choosing a right career, the department of Computer Science and Engineering, Brainware University organized a workshop on “Motivational Talk on Career Opportunity” on November 23, 2021 from 3:30 PM. Mr.Suman Bhattacharjee (Vice President Human Resource, Webskitters Academy) was the guest speaker for this event.

Bhattacharya initiated the discussion by motivating the students to excel in studies and career. The speaker proceeded to engage the students in various aspects involving their prospective future careers.He explained how to prioritize choices in life . The speaker encourages the students to do everything in their power to succeed. “Enhance your self esteem and identify your true potential” added the speaker.The fast-changing dimensions of career path demand a skilled and well-informed mind for the best fit in the industry and in academia. The motivational talk in career counselling demystified the career progression for the students.The session has helped to answer the unexplored questions of the students. Students received guidance on career exploration, selection, preparation and execution of their ideas to meet their self-expectations. After the session was over, students were willing to have regular sessions like this.