Workshop on Entrepreneurship Know-How 2021 | Brainware University

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Becoming Self-reliant

Days of conventional employment are over. Crave your own path. The Department of Computational Science organised a Two-day Workshop on Entrepreneurship Know-How 2021 on October 29 & 30, 2021 at 5 PM to make students aware of the entrepreneurial opportunities open to youngsters. This was part of Brainware University’s larger mission to harness the talents and innovations of youngsters and make them self-reliant. Ms Sreejata Chatterjee(Founder, Head of Product at LeadSift Inc.(Canada) )was the industry expert for this event.

“Conventional job opportunities are what everyone wants but if you are willing to take the risk, entrepreneurship might provide better scopes of development,” she said. Ms. Chatterjee. She talked about institutes that help fund entrepreneurship projects and how to craft prototypes for product development.

“From inception to the final product you have a lot of control over your product. It is you who will get to find out the market niche for your product, the aesthetic of it, and its final appearance and that is such a liberating experience. You would not want to miss out on it,” Ms.Chatterjee said. She advised students to learn on the go and use college fests to “test-drive” their projects.

The workshop ended with students asking their questions and getting expert advice from the speaker. “Dreams are precious and hard work but do not give up, be realistic and work towards building your life,” said Ms. Chatterjee at the end.