Celebration of 'World Creativity and Innovation Day'

World Creativity and Innovation Day 2023 id438

The 'World Creativity and Innovation Day' was celebrated on April 21 by the Institution's Innovation Council (IIC) in collaboration with the Department of Computer Science and Engineering. Dr. Saikat Basu, Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, MAKAUT was the guest speaker at the webinar.

The main objective of organising the activity was to raise awareness of the role of creativity and innovations in overcoming every challenge with innovative solutions. With his vast experience, Dr. Basu encouraged the students to do something on their own, they need to create and innovate! The ideas presented aimed to create awareness of human development through innovative solutions.

Creativity is typically centered around original thought and knowledge, which unleashes potential and is an integral part of idea generation. Innovation, on the other hand, is used to turn the creative idea you come up with into a viable solution.

Institution Innovation Council, Brainware University celebrated World Creativity and Innovation Day to raise awareness about the crucial role that innovation and creativity play in human development. The session helped students to understand that creativity is the use of imagination, thinking, and skills to create new ideas, while innovation is the process of using creativity, knowledge, and skills to improve existing ideas or develop new products.

This day focused on achieving Sustainable Development Goals by promoting and celebrating creativity and innovation, recognizing the value of creativity and innovation in improving the quality of life, fostering economic growth, and addressing global challenges.