Workshop on Business Analytics by Brainware University 2021

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Preparing for the digital future

Want to learn more about the technology enabling the existence of cryptocurrency? Blockchain is taking the market by storm and transforming it like never before. To help our budding IT graduates learn more about how blockchain is an integral part of the digital economy, the Department of Computer Science and Engineering organised an Online Workshop on Blockchain and its application on May 8, 2021 at 4 PM. Ms Diptipriya Sinha (Assistant Professor, NIT Patna) was the guest speaker for the event.

Ms. Sinha began the discussion by explaining how blockchain help secure valuable assets online by encoding the information available. “Now that major transactions are happening online, think how vulnerable our systems would be without this added support. Encoding using blockchain stops data leakage and enhances protection,” she said.”

From the music industry to finance, blockchain technology is used everywhere according to Ms Sinha. “It protects the copyright and detects violations in music streaming apps, it likewise also protects your financial information in bank transactions,” she explained.

If blockchain technology is such a gamechanger for the IT industry, how can students prepare for it better? “ Companies want competent graduates so they are providing free training opportunities. IBM is a great option for free industry-standard training, Coursera also has plenty of free courses. Keep trying to build on the basics taught in class,” she advised.