From the 'Farmland for Agri-Research and Innovation': Hands-on training for the Agriculture students

Farmland for Agri-Research and Innovation

The hands-on practical sessions prepare the students as per the requirement of the industry. The Agriculture students are involved in Air Layering and Transplantation of Rice Seedling at 'Farmland for Agri-Research and Innovation'.

'Air Layering' or Guti Kolom (in Bengali) is a technique of asexual propagation in fruit trees. This technique is popular among commercial growers as it has some wonderful advantages over natural sexual propagation through seeds.

Also, a total of eighteen different rice cultivars (Farmers’ Varieties) are being grown in the farmland for a comparative study of morphological features of different varieties.

The DNA isolation of these rice varieties have also been done.at the Agriculture Laboratory of the university.