Webinar | Virtualization Cloud Computing

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The Computer Science and Engineering Department of Brainware University organized a webinar on Virtualization Cloud Computing through AWS, VPC on November 3, 2021. To preside over the session, Mr.Nimalya Mukhopadhyay, Assistant Professor of Assam Down Town University was invited as the guest speaker. The objective was to enlighten students on the various aspects related to the concept of virtualization. With more than 120 participants from Diploma (CSE), B.Tech (CSE) and M.Tech (CSE) courses, the webinar was conducted online through Google Meet platform.

After a formal introduction, the guest took over the session. Commenting on the relevance of the webinar, he said, “With data virtualization, you can query data across many systems without having to copy and replicate data, which reduces costs. It also can simplify your analytics and make them more up to date and accurate because you’re querying the latest data at its source.”

Mr. Mukhopadhyay primarily focused on server virtualization and showed practical demonstrations on that. Speaking about VPC, he said, “Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) gives you complete control over your virtual networking environment, including resource placement, connectivity, and security. The first step is to create your VPC. Then you can add resources to it.”

Thereafter, he discussed cloud virtualization using AWS and elaborated on how to launch virtual instances. This was followed by a lively Q and A session where the speaker patiently responded to all the queries raised by the spectators. The webinar concluded with a vote of thanks extended to the guest from the participants and Dr. Debdutta Pal, Head of the CSE Department, Brainware University.