Study of medicine - Science or Art?: Hospital Management seminar discusses

Hospital Management seminar-283

On September 20, 2022, Prof. (Dr.) Prantar Chakraborty, Director (Haematology and BMT), AMRI Hospitals conducted a workshop on 'Medicine is a Social Science: Hospitals are its finest laboratories'. The session was organised by the Department of Hospital Management.

From the very beginning, Dr. Chakraborty made the session interactive. "What is the meaning of Social Science?" he asked the students. The students also participated with their conception of 'Social Science'.

In simple terms, Dr. Chakraborty explained why the study of medicine is not only Science but also Art. He also referred to a popular reality show 'The Big Hospital Experiment' and left an important question for the students - "Can young people with no clinical experience make a positive difference in the healthcare service?"