"Pollution and Habitat Loss" | Online Photography Competition

Pollution and Habitat Loss image 130

The Department of Biotechnology, Brainware University was pleased to organize an online photography competition entitled 'Pollution and Habitat Loss' on 2nd December, 2021 at 4.00 pm. Selected students gave brief presentations on their photography and prizes were awarded.

The ongoing climate emergency is a burning issue for all of humanity and the students responded to the theme with thought-provoking and well-constructed entries. The submissions reflected the importance of the theme felt by the students and the effort they put into making the competition a success. The judges were pleasantly surprised at the depth of the pictures submitted and after careful consideration, 8 entries were selected among the submission pool.

The 8 selected entries were shared and the students gave presentations on the pictures, and enlightened the audience on what was their thought-process behind the compositions. The students provided mature commentary and it was a fitting companion to the seriousness of the theme and the high-quality of the images. "We are glad the students responded so creatively to such an important topic. Climate change, pollution, habitat loss are serious issues and I am glad to see that students of Brainware University are aware of the crises facing the world and their possible role in the future at mitigating the same," said Dr. Sritama De Sarkar, one of the organizers.