Exploring the first library of the world: Assistant Librarian Biplab Kumar Chandra's is expected to encourage many young minds towards academic research

First library of the world

At Brainware University, the students, faculty members, and staff are always engaged to excel - to do something better! Identifying and exploring the first library in the world is not something that forms a regular topic of discussion, however, Biplab Kumar Chandra, Assistant Librarian of Brainware University has pursued an intriguing work on this topic.

An article in Bengali titled ' Assyrian Library: Exploring the foundation of the first library in the world' written by Biplab Kumar Chandra has been recently published in the book titled 'Itihas O Sahitya Prabandhamala (Part 5)' which is being published by the prestigious Banglar Puraton Gobeshonakendra, Kolkata, West Bengal.

"The subject is quite uncommon to the people, I am sure that this will definitely encourage our students to work on the less-explored areas of academics," said Chandra.