Webinar on Nutrition Therapy by Brainware University

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Uncovering the science of good health

To understand the science that studies the physiological process of nutrition and nutrition therapy, the Department of Allied Health Sciences organized a workshop titled “ Nutrition Therapy” on May 15, 2021 from 2 PM. Dr. Sandeep Poddar ( Deputy Vice Chancellor (Research & Innovation, Lincoln University College, Malaysia) was the resource person for this event.

Poddar initiated the discussion by explaining the evidence-based approach to maximize one’s health through nutritional and lifestyle changes. He claimed that it is important that all members of the health care team know and champion the benefits of nutrition therapy. The speaker made the students aware of many food choices and eating patterns that can help people achieve health goals and optimum quality of life.

“Basically, food plays a crucial role in keeping a check on the diseases or the risk of developing certain diseases” added the speaker. He explained to students that if a person is already suffering from a disease, then this nutrition therapy can help prevent the progression and development of additional complications.

The workshop became an informative event, where students got to know about the dangers of fast food and the nutrients value of different foods and how nutrition therapy helps in keeping diseases at bay.