Speech: Significance of IPR in Research and Innovation

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In this fast pacing world of changing ideologies it is very important to stay in touch with new developments in all industries. On February 20, 2021, Institute Innovation council and the department of Computer Science and Engineering (CSE), Brainware University, organised a motivational speech on the ‘Significance of IPR in Research and Innovation’ to help students get accustomed to the recent turn in trends.

Chief guest, Dr. Prachi Chopra, Managing Director, Intellect Bastion LLP, interacted with students and teachers and elaborated on the changes in the field of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR). She discussed how copyrights, patents, trademarks and similar rights account for the lion’s share of creative and innovative products and services in our industries.”These have a vital role in growing the economies of developed and developing countries all over the world and in spurring innovation,” commented Dr. Chopra.

At the end of the session, eager students came up with a number of enthusiastic questions which were all answered and demonstrated by Dr. Chopra.

The webinar concluded with a vote of thanks from Dr. Debdutta Pal, HOD, department of CSE. Dr. Chopra’s session allowed the students to transcend the syllabus and acquire skills that will not only better their perception of laws and rights but also help them establish themselves in the industry.