Economics of Media


The Department of Media Science and Journalism, Brainware University organised a webinar titled ‘Economics of Media’ on December 9, 2022. The speaker for the webinar, Dr D. Punitha, Associate Professor and Head, Department of Communication, Women’s Christian College, Chennai addressed over 60 students of different departments of Brainware University on a wide range of issues pertaining to the realities and future challenges of the Indian media industry.

Dr Punitha spoke on business models used for different media, sources of revenue, and modes of investments for media operations. She also stressed on how scholars began to research many different marketplaces and businesses as the study of economics became more polished, applying economic concepts and principles to a variety of fields, including media and the development of media economics would be aided by the growing interest in this field.

The hour-long session was followed by a question and answer session.