Online Workshop on ‘Internet of Drone Things’ | Brainware University

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Always ahead on the road to success

What’s the most fast-paced area of development in Information Technology? Experts have predicted that the extensive use of the Internet of Things (IoT) is here to stay for the foreseeable future. Keeping in mind the booming market in this field, the Department of Computer Science and Engineering organised an Online Workshop on ‘Internet of Drone Things’ on April 19, 2021 from 10 AM to prepare students for a successful IT career.

Professor Debasis De (MAKAUT) was the guest speaker for the event. He started by introducing a particular area in which IoT is steadily gaining traction. “Smart cities powered by IoT have become common to us but do you know drones with in-built IoT systems are also extremely popular? The Internet of Drone Things is the next big revolution in the IT market so you need to be informed about it,” he explained.

Discussing the uses of such smart drones Professor De informed students that “they are being used by organisations in diverse sectors like agriculture and industry for quality management and data collection. They are excellent tools for surveillance in high profile areas and smart cities as well. In the future it will be hard to imagine sectors where such drones are not used,” he said.Professor De also advised students to make the most of such developments. You can secure your career by “signing up for free courses online and making sure that by the time you graduate you have at least a solid foundation of IoT systems,” he advised.

The session ended with Professor De answering questions about career preparations and key job skills. He ended the discussion by advising students to “never stop learning. You can add value to your life and to others if you keep alive this curiosity within yourself,” he said.