The University Grants Commission (UGC) with the concurrence of Ministry of Education has notified “The University Grants Commission (Establishment and Operation of Academic Bank of Credit in Higher Education) regulations- 2021” in the Gazette of India on 28 th July, 2021.

Academic Bank of Credit (ABC) is a national level facility to promote flexibility of curriculum framework and inter disciplinary/multi-disciplinary academic mobility of students across the Higher Education Institutions in the Country with appropriate ‘Credit Transfer’ mechanism.

ABC provides each of the students the facility to open a unique/individual Academic Credit Bank account in digital form. Each account holder is provided with a unique ABC ID. The major functions of ABC are requisition of HE’s under the ABC scheme and opening, closure and validation of academic accounts of students, credit verification, credit accumulation, credit transfer/redemption of students and also promotion of the ABC among the stakeholders.

UGC NAD/ABC bureau has developed 04 videos regarding Academic Bank of Credits (ABC) program which have been approved by UGC.

The links are given below:-





Students are requested to create your ABC ID at your earliest as per following notice and steps: