Building your professional career: Expert advice from BMRC hospital CEO

Building your professional career

"Have you ever bunked classes in college with the excuse of illness?" asked Dr. Partha Sarathi Modak, CEO, BMRC Hospital while interacting with the Allied Health Science students at the seminar on 'Industry Expectations from Students and Ways to Fulfill Them'. The seminar took place on April 5, 2023.

Dr. Modak then went on to explain how there is a difference between campus life and professional life. "In the campus, you have freedom to live by your rules and philosophy. However, in a professional setting, things work differently," explained Dr. Modak. He clarified that there is a gap between the industry and academia. He discussed the requirements of the healthcare industry and how a paramedical student can pursue a successful career in this field!

“How many of you think that a job is waiting for you after passing out of college?” Dr. Modak asked the audience. "In the medical field, everything is available in front of you. You need to identify," Dr. Modak recalled from his experience. It was an insightful session for the students.