Eye Care Awareness and Screening Program

Image 232 for the Eye Care Awareness and Screening Program 2020

Refractive error (Vision Anomalies) is one of the major causes of avoidable visual impairment among the school going children in India and the second most common cause of treatable blindness in the world. Loss of vision or reduction of visual acuity due to uncorrected refractive error is a leading public health problem in school aged children which may lead to socioeconomically burden to the society.

The Department of Allied Health Sciences has conducted the eye care awareness and screening program in Mohanpore, West Midnapore Primary School as part of their social responsibility on 27th January 2020. More than 100 students were screened and provided proper advice as well referrals to the hospitals for further examination for the needy students. Dr. Somnath Ghosh and the students of program of Optometry took the part to conduct the screening and awareness program. The small effort can help to eradicate the avoidable blindness to the society. The department will continue to do such activities in near future to help the society.