Medical Superintendent Dr. Kuntal Banerjee conducts a workshop on 'Importance of Leadership in Healthcare Management'

Workshop Healthcare 233

The origination of healthcare management in India took place due to the administrative needs of the healthcare providers. To enlighten the students about the industry scenario, the Department of Hospital Management organised a workshop on 'Importance of Leadership in Healthcare Management' on 12th August. Dr. Kuntal Banerjee, Medical Superintendent, Spandan Advance Medicare, was the speaker at the event.

This workshop's main aim is the students' growth and development. At the beginning of the event, Dr. Banerjee was felicitated by Koushik Chakraborty, Assistant Professor, Department of Hospital Management.

While addressing the audience, Dr. Banerjee highlighted the fact that leadership and managerial skills are not the same. He pointed out the differences between leadership and management. "One of the main qualities of leadership is to develop a vision and then design strategies to achieve that vision," he added.

Dr.Banerjee also highlighted the fact that decisiveness is a primary attribute in leadership because a leader has to take problem-solving decisions to promote a better healthcare system.

Healthcare management is essential in both public as well as private healthcare systems to coordinate with multiple resources. In this context, leadership is an integral part in the smooth management of the entire system.