Brainware University Empowering Health and Wellness for our Community: Free Health Checkup Camp at Voice Public School, Dhubulia, Nadia!

Free Health Checkup Camp at Voice Public School, Dhubulia, Nadia 2023

Dhubulia Health Checkup Camp

We are thrilled to share the heartwarming success of the 'Free Health Checkup Camp' organized by the dedicated faculty members and enthusiastic students from the Department of Allied Health Sciences at Brainware University!

In our continuous efforts to contribute meaningfully to society, we set out on a mission to extend a helping hand to the wonderful people of Dhubulia. The event took place at the esteemed Voice Public School, where our team worked tirelessly to organize a comprehensive health checkup camp for the local residents.

The atmosphere was filled with positivity and a shared commitment to community health. Our compassionate team of physicians and Optometrists offered free consultations, ensuring that everyone had access to professional medical advice. This initiative was a testament to our belief that good health is a fundamental right that should be accessible to all.

The health checkup camp went beyond mere consultations. Our expert team meticulously examined vital parameters such as blood pressure, blood sugar levels, and vision. By providing these essential health assessments, we aimed to empower individuals with knowledge about their well-being, fostering a proactive approach towards a healthier lifestyle.

This Health Checkup Camp was a celebration of community spirit! We witnessed the joy and gratitude of the local people who availed themselves of this opportunity. The smiles on their faces were priceless, reflecting the impact of collective efforts towards a common goal - a healthier and happier community.