Role of a Microbiologist in the Hospitality Industry: Hygiene Officer Pijush Das Gupta discusses with the students

Role of a Microbiologist in the Hospitality Industry

Remember the infamous scientist Zobrist from Dan Brown's 'Inferno' who created a plague with a vector virus to reduce one-third of the world's population? Scary, isn't it? Well, it is a science fiction story but not far away from reality!

Microbiologists are there to prevent and avoid such kind of situations! Yes, this can be a full-time job!

To explore the career options of Microbiology students in the Hospitality sector, Pijush Das Gupta, Hygiene Officer, Sofitel Bahrain was present to interact with the Microbiology and Biotechnology students of Brainware University at a seminar on 'Career Prospects and Impact of Microbiology in Hospitality Industry' on June 3, 2023. The seminar was organised by the Department of Biotechnology.

Well, it is always a nice feeling when anyone talks about food as 'The subject of food is pretty vast," said Das Gupta. However, with this comes the impending challenges. Incidentally, Das Gupta served as the Food Safety Officer for the Japan national football team at the FIFA World Cup held in Qatar last year.

As the seminar progressed, Das Gupta engaged in an insightful talk with the students on food adulteration and food safety.