Workshop on Skill Set of Ethical Hackers | Brainware University

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A hack-proof future

Want to make a career in cyber security? The Department of Cyber Science & Technology, Brainware University in association with Indian Cyber Security Solutions organised a One-day Online Workshop on “Skill Set of Ethical Hackers to Combat the Modern Day Cybercrime” on June 21,2021 from 11 AM to guide students on the career opportunities in the field of cyber security. Mr. Abhishek Mitra( CEO & Founder, Indian Cyber Security Solutions, GreenFellow IT Security Solutions Pvt. Ltd) was the guest speaker for the event.

Mr. Mitra informed students how hackers infiltrate online networks and track victims. “Each time you are surfing the web and accepting cookies online, you are leaving behind a digital footprint which then can be used by hackers to get into your system,” he warned. The best practice, Mr. Mitra suggested, would be to use a VPN and not login to devices using unknown WIFI connections.

Mr. Mitra further explained to students that cyber security experts use the same tactics as hackers but for protecting their clients’ interests and demonstrated the basics of penetration testing. “As a cyber security expert you also have to run demo infiltration tests to see how vulnerable your clients are to cyber attacks and then eliminate those loopholes. This is why ethical hacking is such a booming industry,” he said.

In the final part of the session, Mr. Mitra discussed career opportunities in this field and how one might prepare a portfolio of skills to make it big in this market. For Mr. Mitra, penetration testing is one of the biggest career sectors in this field with excellent growth opportunities. He advised students to “sign up for free courses and practice your skills within your friend group. That way you will learn from each other and improve faster,” he said. An enthusiastic Q&A session brought this workshop to an end.