How Brainware University celebrated Computer Literacy Day

Brainware University celebrated Computer Literacy Day 2023

Literacy Day Outreach

On this special occasion of Computer Literacy Day, our students and faculty members from the Department of Computational Sciences joined hands with the NSS team to make a positive impact in collaboration with Hridaypur Srija NGO!

We had an exhilarating interaction with the wonderful people at Hridaypur Srija NGO, where our enthusiastic students shared their knowledge and passion for technology. It was a day filled with learning, sharing, and fostering connections for the betterment of society.

The exchange of ideas and experiences was truly inspiring! We believe in the power of education and technology to create positive change, and this event was a testament to that belief.

A big shoutout to the incredible team at Hridaypur Srija NGO for their warm welcome and engaging discussions. Together, we can pave the way for a digitally literate and empowered community!