International webinar discusses the career opportunities for Asian students

Career opportunities for Asian students-328

The Department of Management and Commerce organised an international webinar on '‘Career Opportunities for Asian Students’. The session took place on November 12, 2022. Mohammad Sozon, Founder and CEO, Enlightened-World Foundation was the guest speaker at the session.

While addressing the students, he focused on the culturally and historically diverse areas of Asia that provide opportunities for students to discover new global perspectives. Sozon highlighted the fact that economic transformations in Asia have reshaped the global, economic and political environment. He also added that graduates of Asian Studies programs seek work in a variety of careers, including but not limited to government and public service, international relations, NGOs, teaching, intelligence and security work, journalism, business, and academic research.

The webinar was certainly useful for the students as it opened up a new horizon of prospects and possibilities before them.