Brainware University organises a Workshop on Consumer Protection and Awareness. Have a look.

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Unleashing the power of knowledge

Consumer Protection law is an important arena for legal professionals. To make the students aware of the provisions in this area and the job prospects, The Department of Law, Brainware University in association with the Central Library and the Library of School of Law organised A Workshop on “Consumer Protection and Awareness” on April 17, 2021 from 4 PM.

Mr Shibshankar Banerjee(Advocate, Supreme Court, National Consumer Forum) was the guest speaker for the event. He began the discussions by introducing the audience to the salient features of Consumer Protection Act of 2019 and the rights assured to the consumers. “It is important for you to know the provisions in place to protect consumers’ interests so that companies do not get away with underhanded dealings,”he said.

Mr Banerjee also went on to explain how the right to safety and right to consumer education were the pivotal focus of the Consumer Protection Act. “You cannot be sold any material which has the slightest potential to be hazardous towards your health and it is also your right to be educated about what goes into making that product so that you can make informed decisions.This is why it is so important for us to go through the law in detail,” he said.

Talking about e-resources for consumer rights protection, Mr Banerjee informed the audience that complaints can be filed online anytime and no processing fees are charged. “The government has made it easier than ever before to make sure our rights are protected. We need to make use of these resources,” he advised

Finally after a Q&A session moderated by Ms Mousumi Adak( Asst. Librarian) and Mr Mridutpal Bhattacharya (Student, Department of Law), the workshop came to a close with Dr Kabita Chakraborty delivering the vote of thanks.

Mr. Shibshankar Banerjee, Advocate, Supreme Court, High Court, National Consumer Forum, State Consumer Forum