" Be Spontaneous Series-2 Extempore

Be Spontaneous Series-2 Extempore

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Perfecting success

Adhikary initiated the discussion in a lucid way, beginning with the evolution of criminal law At the outset, he discussed in details the criminal justice system elaborating its different models. “Due to its elaborate scope there is an increasing floodgate of litigation which needs to be resolved quickly. That’s our target as lawyers” added the speaker. He emphasized the different aspects of criminal law and how they are practiced.

The speaker started off the discussion by giving students an idea of how to grab opportunities in the corporate world. Mukhopadhyay boosted the confidence of the students and encouraged them to believe in themselves. “With the changing scenario of industry and industry requirements it is vital to understand the skills required to be a part of the future world ”added the experienced speaker. Through this webinar the students could explore different avenues to be in the corporate world and discover the emerging opportunities.

This workshop was well received by all the students who got a chance to learn about opportunities from an expert.