World Health Day: An intriguing session with Apollo Hospitals CEO Rana Dasgupta

World Health Day 2023

"Doctors cannot work without skilled technicians. The success of a doctor depends on the technicians and so if a technician is not good, the doctor will not succeed," - the student from the audience was elated to get this response from Rana Dasgupta, the eastern region CEO of Apollo Hospitals Group. There is a huge requirement for Allied Health professionals to strengthen the healthcare industry of the country and these words from the horse's mouth were certainly an assurance for a steady career in healthcare.

Managing a multi-specialty hospital is a herculean task! And compliments fall short for Rana Dasgupta, the eastern region CEO of Apollo Hospitals Group, the way he has been managing healthcare and ensuring quality care at Apollo. Dasgupta was present at Brainware University with his trusted lieutenant Abhijit Majumder, COO, Apollo Hospitals Group Kolkata to conduct a session on 'Leading Tertiary Care Hospital Sharing a Different Perspective' on April 7 on the occasion of 'World Health Day'.

"There are people like me who depend on Rana a lot. I have gone for treatment where he is available," certified Hon'ble Chancellor Phalguni Mookhopadhayay while welcoming Dasgupta at the session. Chancellor Sir also fondly recollected the association that he has been sharing with Dasgupta for the last 35 years!

Rana Dasgupta's journey started like many others. He hailed from a middle-class family and started his professional career at Taj. "I was in Bombay. There were many of us who got to work early and left late at night to minimise the cost on fooding," shared Rana Dasgupta. He also shared how his experience as a hotelier helped him to become a successful CEO in the healthcare industry. "Hoteliers are good communicators which is a big advantage. We try to turn the complaints into compliments," he added.

He shared his stories from the days when he was struggling. When Taj was opened in Kolkata, he used to travel everyday from Kalyani. "The first thing that I did every day after going home late at night was to get a shave and then polish my shoes," he said. "My father-in-law thought he had married his daughter to a mad man," laughed Dasgupta. He started his career in the healthcare sector with Woodlands Hospital.

While interacting with the students, Dasgupta highlighted the various goals to ensure quality healthcare to the patients. "We need to continuously keep on changing the way we are working. Whatever we do, we do for the patients! We need to retrospect what value additions we are making for the patients," added Dasgupta.

The session concluded with Abhijit Majumder's encouraging words for the students. "You are the master of your own life," he said. He added that a person must know what he loves to do. "We often spend 14 hours in our jobs and it is not a stress because we like our jobs," said Majumder.