Workshop on How to Communicate Strategically in Corporate World

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Creating master professionals for a bright career

Soft skills and interpersonal communication play a crucial role in the corporate world

To make the students aware of the proper strategies of communication, the Department of Management and Commerce, Brainware University, invited Dr Mahul Brahma (author, chief editor, TEDx speaker) to share his views on strategic communication on March 24, 2021 from 6 PM.

Brahma guided the students on how to communicate with seniors, customers and partners. “To be heard amidst the noise, you must communicate strategically: every message must be crisp, concise, delivered through proper channels,” the speaker stressed.

The speaker then focused on the timing of communication, the duration and content . “Knowing what to speak is important but a thorough knowledge of when to speak is equally important for successful communication. Approach the other party when you think they will be most open to listen to you,” he advised.

The speaker ended the discussion by saying, “These skills help us feel heard, feel respected and feel worthy. Practise them and observe how others react.” The workshop became very significant as the topic matched well with the area of students’ interest.