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A template for success

Importance of social entrepreneurship in today’s world

To make young professionals aware of the social problems of entrepreneurial ventures and to teach them the way to tackle it, Institute Innovation Council along with the department of Management, invited Satya Gopal Dey (psychological counsellor, Vikramshila Education Resource Society) on March 17, 2020 from 4PM as the guest speaker for a Workshop on Social Entrepreneurship.

Dey explains how to plan a business

The workshop highlighted the basic concepts of social enterprise and equipped the students with tools which will help them to (delete) plan their own business. Dey talked about the challenges that social entrepreneurs generally face. He mentioned that “in the coming days, social entrepreneurship will be in the mainstream and it will impact the society positively”.

The workshop was very interactive, where the speaker transferred knowledge and engaged the students to make their plans. “If you do not visualize and see what you are going to do in the next ten years and cannot put them into action, then there will be conflicts and differences,” he added.