How COVID-19 pandemic raised the budget allocation in healthcare sector?

COVID-19 pandemic raised the budget allocation in healthcare sector

Green Revolution - 1960s
IT Revolution - 1980s
So, what was the major phenomenon during the 1990s? Healthcare revolution!

Rupak Barua, Director and CEO, AMRI Hospitals was discussing the transformation of Indian healthcare at a session on 'Post pandemic healthcare scenario' on March 15, 2023. He informed the Hospital Management students that quality healthcare in India is comparatively a new concept - it is 30-35 years old. In the 1990s, Dr. Prathap C. Reddy founded the first corporate chain of hospitals in India with Apollo Hospitals. "Further revolution in healthcare happened post-pandemic," Barua admitted.

The vastly experienced Barua noted that the delivery system in the healthcare sector was not the way it is taking place at present. "Corporate hospitals talk about quality care," said Barua.

"When the pandemic hit the country, we were not prepared to deal with the situation. Then we realised that the gap was in the primary healthcare centres," said Barua. Going forward, Barua discussed how the budget allocation towards healthcare sector raised following the pandemic.