Brainware University unfurls the Tiranga to celebrate Independence Day 2023

unfurls the Tiranga to celebrate Independence Day 2023

The students of Brainware University celebrated the 77th Independence Day with a spectacular cultural programme followed by the hoisting of the national flag. It was indeed a moment of immense pride for the students and officials of the university as they performed in the open arena with the tri-colour flying high.

15th August serves as a powerful reminder of the nation's liberation from British colonial rule after nearly two centuries. to all the citizens of the country. From 1947, we have come a long way and the future of the country rests in the hands of her young citizens.

Brainware University focuses on the holistic development of the students so that they can transform into skilled drivers of the future society and take the country forward in the fields of science, technology, medical science, art, literature and more!