A powerful display of emotions and exuberance at Diamante 2023!

Powerful display of emotions and exuberance at Diamante 2023

Diamite 2023 Fashion Show Winner

Our students Ujjwal Kumar Mandal and Sumit Sarkar from the Department of Media Science and Journalism stole the show at Diamante 2023, the annual cultural fest organised by Diamond Harbour Government Medical College and Hospital, with their ideation and execution!

The fashion show stage was their platform to express themselves and these two star students from the university didnot shy away from 'Representing themselves'! While Ujjwal embodied the 'unisexualisation of clothes' in his costume, Sumit put forward the bold message of 'Breaking the Gender Stereotypes' through his costumes! With these powerful manifestations, Ujjwal and Sumit bagged the 1st and 2nd prizes, respectively.

In a small addendum to this event, a team from our university 'Team Astitva' also bagged the runners' up position in the comptition for assuming characters from the Hindu mythology!