World Optometry Day Celebration, celebrating Optometry as a profession

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One day Seminar

The world optometry day is celebrated on the 23rd of March on every year as a symbol of celebrating Optometry as a profession. This day is a magnificent scope for Optometrist all over the world to look after our vision and Ocular health. Optometrist play a vital role specially in contact lenses, Low Vision, Binocular Vision, Dispensing, Community Optometry, Behavioral Optometry and in Research activities.

The program of Optometry, Department of Allied Health Sciences has celebrated World Optometry Day on 23rd March, 2022 through a seminar to spread the awareness about this Nobel profession. Five eminent professionals from the field of Optometrist and Ophthalmologist were present at the seminar as guest speakers. The 1st speaker was Mr. Ranadeb Banerjee, Chief Manager- Training Vision Rx lab Pvt Ltd who had discussed about the Dispensing Devastation in Prismatic Peril and the role of Optometrist in dispensing optics. The 2nd speaker was Mr. Jayanta Bhattacharya, Contactologist who had discussed on Importance of Orhthokeratology in Myopia Control. The 3rd speaker Dr. Mantu Akon, HOD, CT University who shared his knowledge on Optometric Management in Traumatic Brain Injury. Next speaker Dr. Tamonash Basu, Senior Consultant at Netralayam & B.B.Eye Foundation, Kolkata who created awareness on Glaucoma among students. The last speaker Mr. Arnab Banerjee, Senior Optometrist at Sankara Nethralaya, Kolkata shared his knowledge on Importance of Binocular Vision & Orthoptics in today's Optometry Practice. Q & A session was conducted after every power point presentation of speakers, to make the session more fruitful.

Students of Bachelor of Optometry have presented scientific posters to create awareness about the general concept of glaucoma, low vision management, grades of cataract, grades of binocular vision, significance of prescribing prisms on nystagmus patients, communicating comparability with blind or visually impaired people, significance of eye checkup, and ocular surface discomfort. Students also presented scientific models on various parts of the human eye, Confusion vs Diplopia and Retinoscope.

The program was very informative and interesting which enhanced knowledge about clinical optometry practice, blindness, awareness, vision impairment due to glaucoma, Orthokeratology in myopia progression and basics of Binocular vision. The session was very interactive, more than 130 students and professionals have attended the program. The seminar was conducted at Brainware University Campus, Building No-II (Seminar Hall) The session was coordinated by Ms. Sayani Pal Choudhury, Assistant Professor, Department of Allied Health Sciences, Brainware University