Workshop on Careers in English Literature and Language-Brainware University

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Creating new pathways for success

What makes a career perfect? For Dr. Pritesh Chakraborty( Assistant Professor, Acharya Sukumar Sen Mahavidyalaya), the guest speaker at the Online Workshop titled ‘Love What You Do: Careers in English Literature and Language’ organized by The Department of English and Literary Studies, Brainware University on September 30, 2021, a good career is one where passion meets development. “The best career is one that contains elements you are interested in but also provides you new challenges and opportunities to develop and of course it should pay enough to sustain you,” he remarked.

Dr. Chakraborty introduced students to lesser-known career pathways for English graduates. “Studying English does not mean you have to become a writer or a teacher. The possibilities are endless if you have the courage to explore. Connect with others and ask for new opportunities,” he advised. Dr. Chakraborty provided students a list of resources for finding job opportunities and even scholarships.

“Beauty, aviation, education, and others are all avenues open to students of English. Develop your skills and no one can stop you,” he said. The final part of the event was dedicated to answering the questions of the participants.