Workshop on Fashion Photography - Multimedia Department

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Unmatched job training

The world of photography presents students with an exciting array of career opportunities. To inform students about the state of the industry, the Department of Multimedia organised a Workshop on Fashion Photography on Continuous Light on December 20, 2021 from 1 PM where we had the chance to host acclaimed photographer Mr. Arghya Chatterjee as the guest speaker.

Mr Chatterjee shared photographs from his portfolio to showcase the stylistic features of fashion photography. “It isn’t just about the glitz and glamour but understanding the beauty of the form is equally important. The lighting, the angles everything counts,” he said.

Mr Chatterjee then went on to talk about the courses and specializations that will help students build an impressive CV. “Most of these courses are already included in Brainware’s syllabus so you are already at an advantage. The rest you can figure out by talking to professors,”he said.

The final part of the workshop was spent with Mr Chatterjee giving feedback to students on their photographs and answering career questions. The Department looks forward to organising more such opportunities for students to interact and learn from industry experts.