Student Visit to Heritage Academy

Visit to Heritage Academy-325

Professional training re-defined

The Department of Media Science and Journalism organised an exclusive masterclass with Prahlad Kakkar (Founder, Genesis Film Production) at Heritage Academy on November 5, 2022 at 10 AM.

It is a gift to find an individual with as much command over his field as Mr. Kakkar and the students made the best use of the opportunity. Guided by the gentle charm of Mr. Kakkar students were able to understand the fascinating professional world of Media and the innumerable opportunities lying in store for them. “Without sir I would never have thought advertising is a prospective career field for me, now I might just explore this more,” remarked a student who had always preferred to remain within more traditional sectors of Media science.

As an industry leader, Mr Kakkar introduced students to the slowly emerging job areas that don’t receive as much attention. He instructed them on the best ways to become successful within the advertising industry and motivated them to nurture their creative instinct. The session ended with an enthusiastic round of questions from the students and a promise on their part to cultivate their interest in the field.

The department plans to organise similar events for the students in the future so that they will receive greater exposure and the privilege to bridge the campus and industry divide. The shining stars of Brainware University must continue to thread new paths towards excellence.