Tackling the problems faced by students; Pharmacy faculty members attend a session on Psychological Development

PCI President Dr. Montu Patel news-205

Teaching and grooming a group of young people at college and university levels have their own challenges for the professors. Understanding the psyche of the students and motivating them is also instrumental apart from imparting knowledge on the subject.

In this regard, a session on 'Psychological Development in Students' took place with the faculty members of the Department of Pharmaceutical Technology on July 12, 2022. The session was conducted by Binati Mondal, a Student Counsellor.

At this interactive session, several important issues including the common problems faced by the students, how can the teachers deal with such problems, etc. were discussed. Mondal highlighted the fact that motivating the students is of utmost importance.

"At times, there are students who are not studying what they want to pursue. Instead, they are being pushed to opt for something by their parents," Mondal pointed out while talking about the major problems faced by the students. She further added that often children are brought up in such a way that the person cannot explore more options.

Dr. Bhakti Bhusan Barik, Professor and HOD, Pharmaceutical Technology cited that this has been a prevailing social problem. He added that if one cannot explore the options then the person will never understand what his or her true calling is.

The present generation belongs to the age of Information Technology (IT). Anything and everything is thus present at the finger tip of a person. There are both pros and cons to this technology. Dr, Barik pointed out, "In this age of IT, students are equipped with information. Hence, guiding them through the right path is an important task for the teachers as there are a lot of thoughts to keep them distracted from their focus."

Brainware University is determined in ensuring the mental well-being of the students apart from imparting quality education. There is an in-campus 'Mental Wellness Clinic' with five practicing psychologists where the students can visit for one-on-one counseling sessions, free of cost.