Workshop on Writing Rules

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Exploring strategies for successful writing

What are the strategies that make writing effective ? Is effective writing a gift or a skill? The Department of English and Literary Studies of Brainware University had the opportunity to invite celebrated academician Dr Ajanta Paul ( Principal and Professor of English, Women’s Christian College, Kolkata) as the guest speaker for the Workshop on Writing to Connect on January 21, 2021 at 11 AM. The workshop aimed at helping students perfect their writing skills for the professional.

Dr Paul discussed the strategies students must implement to write effectively, “listening is a key skill for effective writing especially in your place of employment. You must engage deeply in listening in order to write well. Start by listening to audio subtitles which provide captions so that you can incorporate the synergy between audio and the written word,” she advised.

Outlining is another key skill Dr Paul focused on when it comes to developing writing skills. “Outlining means creating a structure and a plan so that the reading experience can be enhanced. It is in your best interest to incorporate outlining as a part of your writing practice,” she said.

When it comes to writing for job purposes Dr Paul advised students that they must “ focus more on getting your point across then on the aesthetic side of things. You should avoid flowery language and jargon whenever possible as it risks alienating your reader”.

The session ended with Dr Paul urging students to recognise that “writing is a vibrant expression of your personality. Infuse your personality into your writing so that the readers get a sense of who you are,” she said.