National Conference on Recent Career Trends in Biotechnology, 2021


Paving the way for brilliant careers in biotechnology

The Department of Biotechnology organised a National Conference on “Recent Career Trends in Biotechnology 2021” on July 24,2021 to give students a clear picture of the current industry trends and job market opportunities. Dr Susmita Roy (Research Officer (Microbiology), CCRAS, Ministry of AYUSH), Dr. Sneha Mitra (Technical Manager, BD Biosciences), Dr. Shibabrata Mukherjee(Senior Staff Scientist, Division of Immunobiology, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital and medical centre) were the guest speakers for the event.

The event started with a broad overview of the wide variety of fields open for biotechnology graduates. Contrary to popular opinion, technology and the corporate world are emerging as vital sectors for funding biotechnology development.

The speakers then focused on discussing the new developments in important research tools in the field like flow cytometry and how such tools widen the scope of medical research. Dr. Sneha Mitra informed students, “some of the most cutting edge research is happening in an interdisciplinary manner with medical sciences and biotechnology which makes for faster and more improved diagnostic measures,”she said.

The guest speakers then introduced students to the web resources and job opportunities in the field. They guided students on how to build an attractive CV and on the skills they would require to make it big in this field. “Research isn’t your only option. Explore the field and choose the area which best suits your talent,” Dr.Mukherjee advised.The conference ended with our guest speakers answering students’ career related questions.