Citizen Journalism growing stronger with MoJo

Citizen Journalism growing stronger with MoJo

On your way to college, you witness that something is happening which is not right. You make a video of the incident on your mobile and upload it on social media. Soon, the video gets shared among the people of the locality and elsewhere and the concerned authorities take note of it and fix the issue! Well, this is the power of mobile. This is the power of citizen journalism!

Snehasis Sur, President, Press Club Kolkata and senior journalist was present at Brainware University to conduct a 'Workshop on Mobile Journalism' on June 3, 2023. The workshop was organised by the Department of Media Science and Journalism.

Sur discussed how citizen journalism has become stronger in recent times. "There is no need for a journalist now because every citizen is a journalist now," he said. "So, what is the difference between you and others?" he asked the Media Science students.

While speaking about the career opportunities in the field of media, Sur highligted the fact that it is the dream of a journalist to work in the print or electronic media. However, they must remember that times are changing, and digital media is the future. He further added that with the internet, at present, the same resource is available to a student of Brainware University and anyone else across the world. In this regard, building a portfolio is of utmost importance to make a mark in this field,