Eminent medical practitioners deliver lectures on 'Physician Assistant Week'


One of the most eminent names in the Indian medical industry, Dr. Kunal Sarkar, Senior Consultant Cardiac Surgeon was present to deliver a lecture on 'Cardiac Treatment' at Brainware University. "I congratulate you all for representing the army of healthcare," said Dr. Sarkar to the B.Sc Physician Assistant students who were present in the seminar. He remarked that, unlike the army, navy, and air force, the main job of the healthcare army is to save human lives. Dr. Sarkar spoke at a seminar on 'Physician Assistant Week' on October 21, 2022.

Dr. Sarkar's talk was full of insights with occasional humorous intrusions on his part. Through a PPT, he explained the history of cardiac treatment. He referred to a Sumerian poem written 10,000 years ago, where also love is linked to heart but the reason since then till now is unknown.

Dr. Sarkar's session was followed by a session by Dr. Chaitali Sengupta, Professor and Head, Department of Cardiac Anaesthesiology, I.P.G.M.E & R, Kolkata. She explained the CPR guidelines to the students. Dr. Debashis Sadhukhan, HOD and Consultant Physician, Department of Internal Medicine, GNRC Medical Barasat delivered an important talk on Dengue fever. Every year, West Bengal is heavily hit by Dengue fever. While interacting with the students, Dr. Sadhukhan explained the backdrop of the fever, the history of the infection etc.

Dr. Arghya Basu, Consultant Laparoscopic, G.I & Oncosurgeon, conducted a session on 'Importance and Scope of BPA Students in Healthcare Industry'. Dr. Basu explained in detail the prospects of the students pursuing the subject. Pushkar Koley, Physician Associate, Clinical Application Specialist, EVH spoke about the career prospects in BPA to the students.

The concluding session was conducted by Dr. Manaswita Biswas, Apollo Gleneagles Hospital, Kolkata delivered a lecture on 'Medical Technologist and Critical Care Medicine'