Understanding the supply chain management of Coca-Cola: Industry Visit to Diamond Beverages


Coca-Cola used to keep its formula a secret! Well, this is not a secret to many. However, now fans can be closer than ever if they visit a permanent exhibit at the World of Coca-Cola in Atlanta. It was indeed an insightful experience for the students from the Department of Food and Nutrition as on April 14, 2023, they got a chance to get a sneak peek into Coca-Cola manufacturing!

An industrial visit to Diamond Beverages at Santoshpur was organised for the students by the Department of Food and Nutrition. The basic objective of this industry visit was to make the students understand the importance of supply chain management in the Coca-Cola industry. The entire process of supply chain management was explained to the students that includes packaging, manufacturing, distribution, refrigeration, consumption, and recycling.

With this field visit, students gain a sound foundation in the technical knowledge necessary in the field of supply chain management. They got an overview of collaboration with suppliers, process and quality control, optimisation of shipping, etc. They got an overall view of how to reduce the overhead cost and inventory, improve risk mitigation, making business more agile, and a clear visibility of data analysis.