Planning a startup: IIC seminar discusses the things an aspiring entrepreneur must know!

Planning a startup

Have you ever wondered why the online products are so well-packaged?

Well, the packaging industry is one of the most profitable industries in the country.

If you ever think of starting your own business, you need to identify the areas where you can succeed!

IIC in collaboration with the Department of Law organised a workshop on 'How to Plan for Start-up: Legal and Ethical Steps'. The session was conducted by Kalyan Kumar Kar, Former Deputy Director of Industries, Government of West Bengal.

While interacting with the students, Kar highlighted that if one wishes to start their own businesses, one needs to be aware of certain information, for instance, ITR filing, subsidies available to MSMEs etc.

Strategic opportunities for new ventures can be categorized along two dimensions: attitude toward incumbents (collaborate or compete?) and attitude toward innovation (build a moat or storm a hill?). This produces four distinct strategies that will guide a venture’s decisions regarding customers, technologies, identity, and competitive space.

With poper encouragement and guidance, the students can grow up into entrepreneurs instead of becoming jobseekers.