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Brainware University has been ranked and awarded as one of the top private universities in West Bengal offering the BEST in Infrastructure, Education and Placements by Times of India, Zee 24 Ghanta, and ABP in 2022. This recognition entails a journey of determination, success, growth and expansion since 1990, with the aim to deliver technical education to the students and make them ‘placement-ready’.

The School of Management & Commerce offers graduate degrees in BBA, BBA in Digital Marketing, BBA in Hospital Management and B.Com (H) in Accounts, Finance & Banking as well as postgraduate degrees in MBA and MBA in Healthcare & Hospital Management. We also offer PhD in Management and Commerce. The state-of-the-art campus facilitates advanced research laboratories. Students receive intensive pre-placement training right from day one of induction, coupled with frequent industry visits, HR seminars, research-based workshops and conferences followed by full placement support. The Campus-to-Corporate team custom guides the students, handholding them through the entire grooming process of becoming corporate-ready by the programme end.

Brainware University, recognised as the top management university in West Bengal, delivers a global standard learning experience that includes international collaboration for knowledge and student exchange programmes, industry-varsity tie-ups, live projects, mentoring and masterclasses by the top brains of the industry. Students looking for the best universities for business management, or the best commerce university.

Vision and Mission



The Department of Management will promote an all-encompassing development in every sphere of management and commerce education and research at par with national and international standards nurturing responsible leaders capable of substantially improving business performance and the world we live in.


The department aims to improve the awareness and knowledge of the students about the functioning of local and global business environments and society.

It develops competencies in quantitative and qualitative techniques among graduates for problem-solving in functional areas of management and commerce.

It develops responsiveness to contextual social issues and exploring solutions, understanding leadership roles at various levels of the organization and leading teams.

It determines a global outlook through interdisciplinary study and research with the ability to identify aspects of cross-cultural understanding.

Salient Features

  • State-of-the-art infrastructure with advanced research facilities
  • International collaboration with the Livingstone College for knowledge and student exchange programmes
  • Financial modelling & forensic accounting
  • Industry-Varsity collabs for extended practical exposure and hands-on training
  • Hospital-Varsity collabs for the Hospital Management students
  • Digital Marketing in collaboration with Seven boats
  • Python/Statistical analysis using R
  • Pre-placement training right from day one by the Campus-to-Corporate team
  • 360-degree placement support


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