Workshop on Basics of Financial Market

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Investing in a successful future

Ever wondered what’s the best way to make a mark in the finance world? Experts suggest that jobs in venture capital, mutual fund distributor, and market analyst sectors are booming. To help our students kick start their career in finance, the School of Management and Commerce organised a special online Workshop on Basics of Financial Market: Introduction to Capital & Derivative Market on May 15, 2021 from 4 PM.

Mr Vishal Arya(Team Head, ICICI Securities) guided the students on all aspects of such career roles. From an explanation of basic stock market and investment terminology to the qualifications required for pursuing these careers, Mr Arya covered it all.

Explaining the statistics of investment by Indians in the stock market, Mr Arya explained “young people are slowly realising that investment is the best future plan. Investing in your assets both as a professional and as an individual will lead to better finances in the future,” he advised.

According to Mr Arya the best way to start a career in finance is to “pay attention to the stock market and use websites which allow you to invest in demo stocks mimicking the actual market. You will get better at both predicting the trends and managing your investments,” he said. The workshop came to an end with an interactive Q&A session where the students got to clear their doubts regarding the field.