A One Day Field Visit to Chinshura Rice Research Centre

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Building Industry connections

What sets Brainware University students apart from the rest? To give students a chance to learn about the industry setups and demands, the Department of Biotechnology organised A One Day Field Visit to Chinshura Rice Research Centre on May 6, 2022. The final year students of Biotechnology and Microbiology visited the institute with a keen interest to learn about how the research procedures they read in books are applied in the industrial setting on a larger scale. The scientists at the institute welcomed the students and introduced them to the various rice hybridisation techniques using which better varieties of rice that are more resistant to diseases, give higher yield are produced for commercial use. The food security of the nation depends upon the work of the farmers and the scientists who ensure that there is a good yield every year. The students were also taken around the different labs and shown the way in which instruments are used for creating and testing varieties. The research is not however limited to the laboratory alone, the students were taken to the paddy field where the hybrid varieties are grown and tested. The students were then asked to clear their doubts regarding any of the processes or any questions they had while pursuing research as a career. We hope the visit allowed students to enrich their understanding about industry-based research and the way in which it can be a rewarding career option.