Online Workshop | Sexual Harassment at the Workplace

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The Gender Sensitization Cell of Brainware University organized an online workshop titled "Sexual Harassment at the Workplace: Mentally & Physically" on December 29, 2021 from 4 pm. The purpose of the programme was to make people aware of the impact of sexual harassment on women and to talk about the existing laws which seek to regulate this serious matter.

The question of the impact of sexual harrasment on women was addressed by Ms. Kasturi Sinha Ghosh, Assistant Professor of Social Work, NSOU. She addressed this serious and pressing matter with great erudition and care, and all the attendees were made aware of the devastating short and long-term effects of sexual harassment on women. Ms. Rituparna Das Sardar, Assistant Professor at Sarsuna Law College addressed the question of the existing legal frameworks which exist to deal with this matter. She enlightened the listeners about many things which they did not know and the various legal avenues which they can take recourse to as a result of facing harassment, and the rights that women enjoy in the workplace.

As a result of this workshop, we hope that BWU shall be a safer and a more gender-just workplace which shall ensure safe working conditions for all its employees and students.