Free of cost cataract screening camp on 'World Sight Day'

Image 292 - cataract-screening-world-sight-day-2022

Dr. Amitava Biswas, Director, Sunetra Family Eye Care Centre was present as one of the guest speakers at Brainware University on 'World Sight Day' on 13th October. He said, "Common people are not much aware of eye-related health issues and it is necessary to spread awareness." Brainware Univesity took an exemplary initiative by conducting a community outreach activity.

A cataract screening camp was conducted by the Optometry and BMLT students from the Department of Allied Health Sciences at Netajinagar Sporting Club in Barasat. More than 100 people from the neighbouring areas. This initiative was instrumental in spreading awareness among the people. They also got their eye checkups free of cost. The process also provided exposure to the students.