Engaging audience in OTT: Workshop on 'Content Management in Digital Media and OTT Platforms' for the Media Science students

Content Management in Digital Media and OTT Platforms

Suppose you are returning from your workplace. You get into a train or a bus or a metro, in short, you get into a public transport, what is the common thing that binds the passengers? Well, the tickets but anything else? Watching OTT content on their mobile phones! So, you need to create something so engaging that people are bound to stick to it!

The Department of Media Science and Journalism organised a practical workshop on 'Content Management in Digital Media and OTT Platforms' with Altamas Hamid, Manager, Bengali Original Content, Zee5 on June 10, 2023.

Hamid started his discussion with 'What is social media content?' He moved on to discuss with the students how content can be distributed among all platforms. The students also got a chance to resolve their queries related to employment in the digital domain in the course of the interactive session.

Hamid also discussed how to prepare one's pitch deck in case one has a story idea for OTT.