Students join Brainware University (BWU) with aspirations of quality training, a congenial & fun-filled learning environment, continuous assistance from professors & gaining knowledge as per industry requirements so that their campus to corporate journey becomes a fulfilling one and they can leave the campus with smiling faces after getting their dream jobs. The need of the hour is to learn to make a balance between technical knowledge and how to use that knowledge at the right time, right place and right manner. The C2C Cell works hard towards making these dreams come true by helping them to realize their potentials and guiding them towards achieving their goals in the near future.

Our work:

We at BWU always strive to achieve our vision of consistent nurturing and development of world-class human talent, thereby making a significant contribution towards the growth of the global economy and the society at large.The below activities are performed as pre-placement preparation at BWU to help us achieve our vision and fulfil the dreams of the students.

Subjects, Aptitude & Soft Skills Classes:

Students attend all sorts of theoretical, practical, aptitude & soft skills classes from the very beginning so that they become competent enough in terms of their domain knowledge, aptitude & soft skills as per the industry standards.

Industrial Training, Internships & Boot Camps:

In the pre-final year, students go for industrial training & internships. They get hands-on experience of the knowledge gained so far, these visits add a lot of value and the students enjoy this experience as they get a chance to be a part of the corporate culture which was one of their dreams when they had joined Brainware University.

Technical, aptitude and soft skills boot camps are arranged from the very beginning to imbibe in them that professional touch that would add up to their employability skills from the very first level.In the pre-final and final year, these Boot Camps provide students a platform to practice interview related questions and get a feel of how the interview process happens. They are told about their positive qualities, areas that need improvements and action items that they should follow so that they can be even more successful when they go for their actual interviews and come out with flying colours.


We have been doing all these for years now and all these consistent efforts have helped us to make students more and more employable, we have been successful in placing students in the top MNCs, thereby marking the beginning of successful careers. The persistent collaborative efforts of all our students and faculty members and in the end, the smiling faces of the students after making their dreams come true have been our source of motivation and continue to inspire us for better and better results.

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