Pre Placement

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Brainware University is not just known for providing excellent courses such as B.Tech in Computer Science, B.Sc in Hardware & Networking, or in Computer Science or B.Sc in Biotech etc. but is also well known for its intensive pre placement procedure. The pre placement procedure is the process which sets Brainware graduates apart and makes them more job ready or employable than other university graduates. It is an exhaustive three step process that includes development of essential soft skills in graduates, industry interfaces with industry leaders and professionals and finally industrial trainings in renowned public and private firms. During the first step the soft skills such as English communication skills, presentation skills, interview skills etc. are honed. There is a language lab which is equipped with audio -visual tools through which the students can learn flawless written and spoken English.

In the second step the students get to interact with industry veterans and seasoned professionals where they get to learn about latest industry trends and invaluable career tips. In the final stage our graduates are sent to industrial trainings where they learn the real tools of the trade, before getting placed.

Step 1- Soft Skill Training: We have a team of in house soft skill experts who with the help of a fully equipped language lab help the graduates develop formidable English communication skills. This includes exhaustive training in how to write, speak and read flawless English without pronunciation and diction mistakes. The students are also prepared thoroughly for stress interviews so that they can crack interviews smoothly on placement day.

Other skills such as leadership skills, body language skills, group interaction skills, and interview do’s and don'ts etc. are also taught at this stage. The students get to learn in details about English speech correction, perfect pronunciation, and other speech techniques both in verbal as well as nonverbal aspects. This is a highly crucial stage of equipping graduates with relevant soft skills and making them more employable so that they can get ready to be hired anywhere, anytime.

Step 2- Industry Interfaces: The main purpose of industry interfaces is to bring the fresh graduates in close contact with highly knowledgeable and experienced leaders and industry professionals who can equip them with essential tips on how to succeed professionally and how to navigate through the murky waters of corporate culture and emerge victorious.

Through numerous industry interfaces our students interact with seasoned corporate professionals, industry experts, from where they get to learn about the latest trends and changes of their industry and how to adjust to these trends. Moreover they get invaluable professional tips on how to solve real world corporate problems from these industry leaders and professionals.  

Step 3-Step 3- Industrial Training - All engineering and science graduates, including those who have taken B.Pharm admission can avail this opportunity. This phase basically consists of 4th year students being sent to well-regarded public and private sector firms such as Bank of Baroda, Hindustan Aeronautics Limited, Bharat Coking Coal Limited, Tata Power Company Limited, IBM Bangalore, Damodar Valley Corporation, etc. to get practical on the job experience. The management graduates on the other hand get to hone their business aptitude and polish their ability to solve real world business problem in the management labs by solving real case studies. This final stage also includes an internship in top companies for the management graduates and undergraduates. Just like the industrial training provided to engineering and science undergraduates, the internship helps the management graduates get a hands on training on how to solve real world business problems and develop business acumen and corporate aptitude.